Increase ejaculate quality

Planned parenthood, despite restricted fertility

Almost every sixth marriage in Germany remains involuntarily childless. The cause lies with the man in 30% of cases. Where you and your wife would like to have children, we can help you to come closer to fulfilling your wish by conducting diagnostic examinations of your ejaculate (spermiogram) in order to determine your fertility.

The spermiogram allows us to identify whether all levels are within a normal range. Ejaculate quality outside the normal range is among the most frequent cause of male infertility. The andrological laboratory at the Karlsruhe Planned Parenthood Clinic works under clean room conditions as defined in the latest WHO regulation.

Examinations include determination of volume, pH value, ejaculate viscosity, concentration, mobility, vitality and shape of the sperm.

Optional examinations, such as the test for sperm antibodies (MAR test) or to determine α-glucosidase activity in the ejaculate, can provide additional indications for causes in cases of possible restricted fertility.

What should I expect?

We know the questions going through your mind on the way here. This is why it is so important for us to remove all the obstructions for you. Every sixth marriage is involuntarily childless. You are not alone with your questions.

With our help, we hope that the path ahead will be a little easier for you:

  • Ejaculate analysis (spermiogram)
    Examining your sperm gives us information about your fertility. To do this, we need a sperm specimen. You should refrain from ejaculating for two to three days beforehand, in order for us to conduct a meaningful examination.
  • Based on the findings of these examinations, we decide whether further treatment is necessary, e.g. blood sampling for hormone analysis. Analysing your fertility takes some time if it is not possible to determine the cause of the issue straight away. Additional examinations may be necessary in some cases. It is therefore essential that you remain calm and patient in this stage of your planned parenthood wishes, despite the difficult circumstances.
  • Consultation
    You and your partner meet with the doctor to discuss the findings and plan the next steps.

Our andrology services

  • Semen preparation, cryo-conservation of semen, clean room cryo-conservation of semen before tumour treatments
  • Freezing of sperm after microsurgical extraction from the testicles (testicular sperm extraction, "cryo TESE")
We will gladly discuss with you the best steps that will take you closer to your planned parenthood wishes.
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